How to improve the quality of an IT project with one developer?

Let’s me make an overview how we are working now:
1. A developer gets a list of tasks and starts to work on it
2. Then developer starts to test tasks that are done. The whole cycle of testing gets sometimes.

3. Before a developer finished testing process he gets new tasks with new requirements and he starts to do new tasks because the functionality that needs to be tested will change because of new requirements.
After couple cycle of changing requirements to the one functionality developer can be confused about what are the right requirements and make some mistakes.

This is not a common case, but sometimes it happens and then we have some issues on the staging server.

How can we solve this problem?
1. We can make a smaller cycle with a limited number of tasks. When a developer will know the scope of all tasks before the development-cycle (sprint) he will make a plan, will do it and can check that everything is on track.

2. We can add a QA engineer to the process and its help us doesn’t change the workflow for a developer when he can be confused switching between new task and testing the final functionality. In another case, we can include a QA engineer before the release 2-3 days, when he can check all functionality and provide a report for developers. QA can communicate with you and clarify all details.

3. Also, we can add a designer from our side, who will prepare the design of all changes that need to be implemented. Now, when we describe a functionality by words it is not always clear for a developer (and sometimes for me). If we will have a clear design, it will decrease a time of a developer for implementation and we will have only one dev-cycle opposite three iterations. Also, we have UX designers who can help to create a better user experience on your service.

Those are the options that I can offer to improve the quality.

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